Board of Directors

Welcome to our ‘Our Board’ page. Here, you’ll meet the dedicated team that guides the ArmyBassAnglers Foundation and our mission to honor and support our brave military men and women. This group of passionate individuals bring their unique experiences, skills, and perspectives to uphold the legacy of the Fishing for Freedom Tournament. With diverse backgrounds and a shared commitment to our cause, they work tirelessly behind the scenes, ensuring that our foundation’s goals are realized and that the tournament remains a cherished tradition for our veterans and active duty soldiers. Together, they strive to bring our soldiers’ stories of service to the forefront, while creating memorable experiences and fostering camaraderie—HOOAH!

Cody RobersonExecutive Director210-818-3480
Rory LayneCatering Operations Director903-474-4330
Chuck GuthrieTournament Operations Director254-681-8409
Don BrunsonChief Financial Officer210-296-6679
Ron KairdolfPastoral Support Director629-772-3096